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What Exactly Is Electrostatic Painting?

The Electrostatic Painting method is how cars, trucks and all aluminum doors and windows are painted. Firstly, this process is handled in facilities using robotics. Metal Coating Solutions Corporation has portable Ransburg Electrostatic equipment, which is typically viewed as the very best in the industry. This specialized equipment allows us to give factory-quality finishes. Furthermore, an extremely durable finish is made through the strong bonds created. The positively charged ions in the paint are attracted to a negatively charged surface. Electrostatic coatings work similarly alongside the magic of physics we recognize when static electricity makes a balloon stick to a wall.

Why not let Metal Coating Solutions Corporation results speak for themselves? Few specialized painting companies have accomplished over 2 million square feet of improvements and painting as we have. Our team is able to provide the communication and discipline skills of a large corporation without losing the responsiveness and project dedication necessary for the timely completion of your project. We are always proud to earn the loyalty of our clients. Lastly, we look forward to showing you why we are Florida's number one choice!

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Benefits of Electrostatic Painting

Powder coating may offer a slightly more durable finish due to the heat-curing bonds. However, this process is not accomplished outside of a facility making it difficult for home usage. Therefore, this makes electrostatic painting the best option in the field. If any metal items can not be removed for any reason, the electrostatic method is often the best choice for engineers, architects, and contractors. Contact Metal Coating Solutions Corporation Today.

Durability —

Nearly as durable as powder coating, the ionic bonds between the paint and the metal surface underneath creates a long-lasting surface that will stand up to daily use and the elements. An array of manufacturers produce marine and heavy equipment that are extremely survivable in any environment. Given these points, there are many paint products available to look over and choose.

About Warren Evans - President

warren evans electrostatic paintingAs a young boy growing up in Stuart Florida, Warren Evans enjoyed working with his grandfather on his estate. At the time, he did not realize that those experiences would help set the foundation for his future. Together with his grandfather, he helped care for the property together. To illustrate, they removed unwanted trees and brush, and used a tractor-trailer to haul the debris away. Moreover, Warren recalls how rewarding it was to see what could be accomplished with just the two of them. Later on, Warren realized that he hadn’t just spent time outside doing something constructive with his grandfather, but he had actually established a great work ethic thanks to a man he admired so much.

Warren continued on to become a hands on operations manager for one of the largest rail manufacturers in the country. In essence, he honed his craft for more than 25 years, into currently much sought after specialty skills. Firstly, when he recognized early on the need for environmentally safe and efficient processes, Metal Coating Solutions Corp. was formed. Today, the company remains focused on quality electrostatic painting services that incorporate the latest application technologies, safety, and product durability. On the whole, his expertise has lead to a wide range of projects. From site improvements, to new construction, to even amusement attractions, his wealth of knowledge is vast. His industry experience and proven track record have made Metal Coating Solutions Corporation Florida’s top option for electrostatic painting solutions and corrosive metal improvements.

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From office furniture to elevators, lockers and shelving to wrought iron materials such as metal doors, and even manufacturing equipment, our electrostatic painting service technology is guaranteed to protect against Florida’s brutal sun and salt. Undoubtedly, your electrostatic painting improvement and restoration projects deserve a team of professionals that understands the science of corroding and degrading metals. Correspondingly, years of industry experience allows Metal Coating Solutions Corporation to deliver amazing results, even to the most challenging conditions. When you choose Metal Coating Solutions Corporation, you are choosing to benefit from decades of electrostatic painting industry insight. You will see an unrelenting focus on client service alongside an work ethic that delivers superior results exceeding the expectations of any project.

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